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Small City Spaces

Adorable Tiny Houses We Saw Online

August 4th, 2013

Earning money today is hard. It is hard to earn a living, hard to save and even harder to buy properties like your own house. Most people would be lucky enough to buy a small house and then do whatever they can to make it the best for them. No matter how small a house is, a house is still a house. It can still provide you shelter, raise your family there and design it the way you want. And guess what? Even smaller ones can be so adorable and dreamy too. In celebration of what some designers can do with so little space, here are some of our favorite mini houses from around the world.


This A-Frame in Pearl Basic, Colorado makes you want to curl up next to a fireplace.


This Amsterdam building might not be the smallest in the world, but it’s certainly in the running.


New Orleans’ French Quarter is full of cute, colorful, dormouse-sized casas.


Tumbleweed Tiny Houses makes, well duh, tiny houses. At 89 square-feet, Epu is the second-smallest of its houses-to-go line.


Scared with impending disasters or unexpected accidents? No problem. This New Zealand beach hut can be hooked up to a tractor and towed away to safety.


Designed by Texas architect Jim Poteet, this micro-home is built in an 8ft. x 40ft. shipping container.


The Friggebod is a style of Swedish cottage that—at under 150 square feet—doesn’t even require a building permit.

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