Small City Spaces :: Your Guide in Making Small City Spaces Your Own

Small City Spaces

Small City Spaces

May 21st, 2015

earthy.jpgGive your space a warm look with earth-tone colors that mimic nature which is not only pleasing and soothing to the eyes but makes the room look larger. Lighter colors make small spaces larger and they also allow lighting to reflect allowing them to play around as the shadows and sun’s rays bounce off them. Be sure to mix and match colors and not stick with one solid colors, there is also paint that turns out like it has worn down for a couple of years softening the shades and hues. Check out magazines and online catalogs of paint colors so you get the whole picture on new products that can have the appeal and color combinations you want.

Sunlight – Free Light

May 14th, 2015

skylites.jpgIf you live in a sunny part of the world, then a skylight would save you a lot of heating and cooling costs, and best of all you don’t contribute to global warming. There are manual ones and there are mechanized ones you can open or shut as you please to maintain the right amount of light and heat inside a space. There are even models that have a separate shade that rolls down to shield you from the suns not rays during the hottest times of the day. If you need privacy, install those newer ones that have opacity adjustments or chose frosted glass for a diffused effect that makes the incoming light cooler to the eye.

Color Sense

May 7th, 2015

colorswatch.jpgUse stark and contrasting colors to allow light to play around, and use natural light whenever possible. Use mirrors you place wisely to bounce light from space to space. Use your imagination when thinking of dividers such as pull up blinds or roman blinds you hang from the ceiling. let them down at night for privacy from the door. The space behind the door can be turned into a storage area with widely available door organizers you hang from them. Or get some peg hangers you can arrange in intricate designs which are actually for hanging stuff of different sizes. Love bags, use the closet door by sticking in some hooks but get your bags and arrange them so they fit the space exactly. You have an interesting wall covering and an organizer for your bags in one swoop. Fold-down show racks that swing open for access are great. They store your shoes vertically and open at an angle for access. You also get a nice display counter.

夢のロフトにデコレートして下さい – 2

May 7th, 2015


  1. 床。ロフトの各スペースにカーペットを敷くのは、朝一番でも夜でも足を暖かく毛で包むので、良いアイデアです。 玄関に、汚れ落しのために靴ぬぐいのマットを敷くことを忘れないで下さい。
  2. 壁と窓。窓の大きさと場所にもよりますが、ロフトに入る光の量を調節したり、プライバシーを守るために、ブラインドやシャッター、または薄手のカーテンを使用すると良いでしょう。 特に朝は光に溢れているロフトもありますが、中には少々暗い所もあります。
  3. 壁のスペースを活用するためには、絵画や写真を壁に水平に掛けて下さい。
  4. 高い天井。ロフトには通常、導管や梁がむき出しの高い天井があります。 天井を低く見せるためには、むき出しの導管や梁を隠して濃い色で塗装して下さい。


Small Spaces the new BIG in

April 30th, 2015

In cities where space is a premium, if you live alone, try giving the room a look that reflects you. If you are the happy type, try bright vibrant colors and if you are the passionate type try darker, richer shades that reflects your character. Remember, your imagination is the limit so play around to get the look you do desire to achieve. Don�t have much for new furniture, walk around the block and look for garage sales and thrift store where you can get stuff that still works but at half the price. Weekend markets where all kinds of stuff are sold is a good place to get theme pieces that will accent your space. An antique lamp, a brass candle holder you fix onto the wall whatever you might fancy you can get in them, just remember the limited space you have for a good buy might just find it’s way back to the place it came from. If you own stuff you don�t like, get rid of it for it acts as a sort of reminder of how much you hate it everytime you see it.

Buying a sofa bed

April 23rd, 2015

When utilizing a small living space, you may want to consider a sofa bed. It’s a great way to save not just on space, but on money as well. Couches and beds both cost a lot of money so why not just buy a combination of the two?

Here are a few tips on buying a sofa bed:

1. Consider first of all, of course how big the space will be. A queen sized sofa bed might be spacious, but it may also consume too much space.

2. How many people are going to sleep in it? Knowing the number of people who might sleep on it – a spouse / partner or friend might require something two people can fit comfortably in. If you’re determined to go solo, then its more economical to have a smaller one.

3. Test it out. Is it stable and sturdy?

Changing Spaces Wisely

April 16th, 2015

smallspaceMoving from apartment to apartment you may have developed a keen eye for possible problems when it comes to your furnishings, their size weight and “move-ability”. Furniture that is subject to frequent moves are sure to have battle scars from bumps and scratches of you or the movers having to force it through small corridors and even windows. Bring the measuring tape when you scout apartments taking notes of the corridors and doors so you get proper clearance when you bring in all your stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

More of the Recycling Trends in Furnishing

April 9th, 2015

recycling.jpgMajor designers have shifted focus and dedicated time in designing furnishings that are made and highlight the use of recycled goods. These even fetch high prices and are quite functional conversation pieces. They have even put up a house made of recycled materials from window glass panes to form the walls, old used doors for the flooring and old keyboards and other computer stuff to form the walls. The project was to show that recycling can turn old things into new ones such as the said house and that it need not look old and worn. The environmentally friendly house has been conceptualized with the government even issuing tax incentives for those which are rated to be energy star compliant which uses and maximizes the use of power, heat and cooling.

The Disadvantages of Living in a Small Space

April 2nd, 2015

There are so many things to look forward to when living in a condominium. And when we say condominium, it is often assumed that your living space is markedly smaller than what you would get living in a house. Previous posts have highlighted why this choice is fast becoming the popular one these days, why there is a lot of value in smaller living spaces, etc. But of course, to every good side there is also a bad sode. For a balanced picture, let us list those things down here today.

Living in a condominium is smaller. Yes, this is great at times, but if you are the kind that likes wide open space or likes to have lots of moving room, this is not great. If you like having parties or having people stay over, a condominium is also tough on sleep overs. You do not have a garden or pool of your own and more importantly, you do not have storage room to spare.

Living in a small space then entaild listing priorites and seeing what you can and cannot live without.

Update your Space with Cheap Fluorescent Grow Lights

March 26th, 2015

People are becoming more aware of global warming and the green movement this message have reached Thai schools, Thai classes and all over the globe. They value plants more and create ways to help with the cause. With the aid of technology, there are ways to make planting easier and also maintaining plants with less effort. There have been developments through the years such as organic fertilizers, artificial soil and artificial light.

Organic fertilizers are those with earthworms. Artificial soil on the other hand is mainly for indoor plants. It is a special gel-like substance that acts like both soil and water for the plants. It is very low maintenance so it is perfect for people on the go. Artificial lights are very useful for indoor plants especially for condos or high rise buildings. These artificial lights are designed to emit electromagnetic spectrum that enables photosynthesis. These artificial lights try to mimic the properties of the sun.

There are different types of fluorescent lights and are used for particular plants. T1 metal halide bulbs are used for seedling to ensure a sprouting success. They average from $17-$21. Compact fluorescent lights are used for fruiting and flowering plants. Generally, they are priced at $40-$50. Cheap fluorescent grow lights are readily available in the market. Just remember to check whether the wattage is appropriate for the plants you intend to use them on.

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