Small City Spaces :: Your Guide in Making Small City Spaces Your Own

Small City Spaces

Update your Space with Cheap Fluorescent Grow Lights

March 26th, 2015

People are becoming more aware of global warming and the green movement this message have reached Thai schools, Thai classes and all over the globe. They value plants more and create ways to help with the cause. With the aid of technology, there are ways to make planting easier and also maintaining plants with less effort. There have been developments through the years such as organic fertilizers, artificial soil and artificial light.

Organic fertilizers are those with earthworms. Artificial soil on the other hand is mainly for indoor plants. It is a special gel-like substance that acts like both soil and water for the plants. It is very low maintenance so it is perfect for people on the go. Artificial lights are very useful for indoor plants especially for condos or high rise buildings. These artificial lights are designed to emit electromagnetic spectrum that enables photosynthesis. These artificial lights try to mimic the properties of the sun.

There are different types of fluorescent lights and are used for particular plants. T1 metal halide bulbs are used for seedling to ensure a sprouting success. They average from $17-$21. Compact fluorescent lights are used for fruiting and flowering plants. Generally, they are priced at $40-$50. Cheap fluorescent grow lights are readily available in the market. Just remember to check whether the wattage is appropriate for the plants you intend to use them on.

Organizing Spaces – Closets (Metal Dividers)

March 19th, 2015

metal.jpgAnother choice material for modern looking closets is metal ones that have wall hangers and shelves that attach to them. The nice thing about these metal ones are that they can be adjusted to accommodate anything, need a larger space, adjust a few hangers and shelves and you have more. They are also quite expensive for they are durable and they won’t fall off or collapse if you happen to love filling your closet to full capacity. With these space savers you can reclaim space that is left in between clothes and folded articles or bags which lie on the bottom shelf allowing you to keep more and help make your room tidier.

That Plasma TV Everybody Wants

March 12th, 2015

plasma.jpglcd.jpgcrt.jpgWell, everybody wants it because it occupies less space making it ideal for small spaces but reviews are not so good on their environmental impact. Studies show that they consume even more electricity that the old CRT-tubes and they eat a lot more for the power needed to turn a gas into plasma is huge. Plasma is the fourth state of matter that can only be achieved with high electrical charges. So the next time you want to get a new set, try investing on newer LCD screen TV’s for they are the next best thing to that old tube you currently own.

Small spaces in cities

March 5th, 2015

Living in the city has many unique challenges and among these is the premium put on space. City living means living in more cramped spaces not just in public but also in the domestic front. Most apartments and houses located within the city are generally smaller. With space such a premium in the city, what one needs is some creative thinking to maximize the available small space and make it as functional as possible. Interior designers and contractors can help make small spaces in apartments more livable and functional.

Small Spaces

February 26th, 2015

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City spaces are typically small, that is why it takes a lot of creativeness and artistry to try and decorate the place despite its limitations. Loft spaces are the choice accommodation in recent years. It is primarily geared toward the young professionals who are usually just beginning their careers. These small city spaces are generally divided into the living area and sleeping area. If your loft is split-level, the upper level is normally made into a bedroom. The small living space is partitioned into the cooking, dining and entertaining areas. But if your loft just has one level, screen sliding doors are your best bet.

De-cluttering Your Space

February 19th, 2015

Living in a small space, like condos and flats may be convenient, but keeping the clutter to a minimum is challenging. The small space means you have limited space to keep your belongings, and they might end up spilling out everywhere. It doesn’t mean you have to be resigned to a messy home, however. Here are some tips to control clutter:

  • Maximize your space by installing built-in closets and shelves. Make every inch count! Buy those plastic boxes which come in all sizes, they can go under the bed, in place of a coffee table, etc. Invest in drawer organizers and closet savers.
  • Choose furniture that can do double duty. There are a lot of cool, new furniture in the market today that are designed to have multiple uses. Such as an ottoman that can be a coffee table, extra seating and has room for storage. Or sofa beds that can transform into a comfy bed at night, with storage space for beddings. Or dining tables that can expand to accommodate extra guests.
  • Making the Most out of Your Space

    February 12th, 2015

    If you live in a small place, then you will most likely be familiar with the many ways available to maximize your space. More and more people now live in townhomes or even condominiums so a small home is no longer a novel or strange idea. So what are some tips to maximize your living space in a small home? Let’s look at some simple tips.

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    When you live in small scale, your furniture should also be small scale. If you are a lover of ornate and very elaborate kind of furniture, you might find it difficult to fit all the pieces you need in a small place as ornate stuff are usually bulky. Instead, opt for more compact seats, like L-couches or even sofa beds and make up for the lack or “ornate-ness” by having specific prints. Like sofas and seating, you can also maximize space and utility by having multi-function pieces. Your kitchen counter top can also double for casual dining, can be one of those pieces that extend to accommodate more people, and can fold up to create more space when needed. You can also maximize cabinetry by having pull out shelving and multi level racks.

    There are now many ways to maximize a small home. You just need to go out and be intentional with your furniture pieces.

    Lighting Your Space

    February 5th, 2015

    smallspacelightHowever small your space may be, lighting plays an important part in the overall look of your home. Ambiance lighting focusing on your home’s unique aspects such as artwork and other unique stuff brings it to light taking out attention on the unwanted parts such as closets. High ceilings can be given some dramatic effects by using several multicolored LED lights focused on the ceiling blending into unique hues playing around as you shift from space to space. Read the rest of this entry »

    Maximize Your Small Space

    January 29th, 2015

    sofabed.jpgMost people think that a small space deserves small furniture for maximum utilization of the available area, not really. The choice of getting several small pieces of furniture will tend to make a room look a lot smaller and cluttered so choose key pieces and complement them with smaller ones to augment their use. Also consider getting multifunction furniture, say a sofa that has storage underneath and can also turn into a bed for guests should you choose to have them. Lighting also plays a big part in making a small space look even larger so choose lighting that is bright that illuminates all the nooks and crannies of the place (not too bright though for too much light can be stressful to the eyes)

    Colors….rich colors

    January 22nd, 2015

    color-chart.jpgFor small spaces it would be best to steer away from dark shades for they tend to make the room smaller that it really is. Use bright or subdued colors in the pastel range which is not only soothing but makes the room brighter with the walls and ceiling reflecting light. Combinations of colors can also make a room interesting, try mixing a blue wall and a yellow ceiling, sounds crazy, not at all these are composite colors. Complementary colors are those opposite the spectrum. Try going to the HGTV web site where they have a variety of tools and calculators that can help you a lot in the task at hand.

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