Small City Spaces :: Your Guide in Making Small City Spaces Your Own

Small City Spaces

Maximize Your Small Space

January 29th, 2015

sofabed.jpgMost people think that a small space deserves small furniture for maximum utilization of the available area, not really. The choice of getting several small pieces of furniture will tend to make a room look a lot smaller and cluttered so choose key pieces and complement them with smaller ones to augment their use. Also consider getting multifunction furniture, say a sofa that has storage underneath and can also turn into a bed for guests should you choose to have them. Lighting also plays a big part in making a small space look even larger so choose lighting that is bright that illuminates all the nooks and crannies of the place (not too bright though for too much light can be stressful to the eyes)

Colors….rich colors

January 22nd, 2015

color-chart.jpgFor small spaces it would be best to steer away from dark shades for they tend to make the room smaller that it really is. Use bright or subdued colors in the pastel range which is not only soothing but makes the room brighter with the walls and ceiling reflecting light. Combinations of colors can also make a room interesting, try mixing a blue wall and a yellow ceiling, sounds crazy, not at all these are composite colors. Complementary colors are those opposite the spectrum. Try going to the HGTV web site where they have a variety of tools and calculators that can help you a lot in the task at hand.

Floors – Tiles

January 15th, 2015

slippery.jpgTiles are some of the most durable stuff around the house due to their makeup which makes them as hard as concrete. It will last years and can withstand any weather Mother Nature can throw at it. The down side is that, its durability is also quite harsh with shattered glass plates and glasses assured if one happens to slip your grip. They can also be hazardous when wet and children are quite injury prone on them due to, again their durability. The difficulty at which it was installed and also when re0moving them discourages people from reviving a dead space with a floor they hate just sighing out their frustration everytime they see the floor.

Cool spaces old places

January 7th, 2015

refstore.jpgAn old fireplace can house a television or fit a small refrigerator within it’s cavity. Got an antique refrigerator heirloom form the old house that doesn’t work? Use it as a Television rack. Get those glass tops you mount from the sides like clamps and store away. Light plays wonders in a small room. Use mirrors and allow a lot of natural light in to make it look spacious even if it really isn’t. Want to save more space with the TV? Get those projector type ones that hang on the ceiling projecting the image onto a blank white wall, no space consumed at all? TV addict with no space, mount them on swing arms so you can turn them anyway allowing you’re to move is as you move around to cook, work and sleep.

Color Sense

December 31st, 2014

colorswatch.jpgUse stark and contrasting colors to allow light to play around, and use natural light whenever possible. Use mirrors you place wisely to bounce light from space to space. Use your imagination when thinking of dividers such as pull up blinds or roman blinds you hang from the ceiling. let them down at night for privacy from the door. The space behind the door can be turned into a storage area with widely available door organizers you hang from them. Or get some peg hangers you can arrange in intricate designs which are actually for hanging stuff of different sizes. Love bags, use the closet door by sticking in some hooks but get your bags and arrange them so they fit the space exactly. You have an interesting wall covering and an organizer for your bags in one swoop. Fold-down show racks that swing open for access are great. They store your shoes vertically and open at an angle for access. You also get a nice display counter.

Small Gardens for Small City Spaces

December 24th, 2014

terrarium_2.jpgterrarium_1.jpgSmall vacant lots in urban centers can be turned into a garden of Eden with a little help from other citizens. These small parks provide not only soothing refuge from hectic city life, but also provides a haven for nature’s creatures that have been displaced by development. Even in a small room or attic space, a small terrarium which needs little care and can be placed anywhere where there is ample sunlight such as a windowsill can give you a piece of nature in the concrete jungle that is the city. Potted plants and shrubs give a warn earthy look to utterly harsh concrete paths and corridors. Just be sure to choose hardy plants that are native to the area so they have the necessary adaptations for the said area preventing die-offs.

The Nuances of Rental Contracts

December 17th, 2014

Rental contracts if you should pay special attention to their provisions are more or less always on the side of the property owner. This being the case, a thorough reading of such a rental agreement that is considered to be a contract/legal document that is not only bonding but honored by the law is in order to avoid problems in the future should you feel the need to break the contract. There is the easier first step of trying to negotiate with the landlord or property owner regarding breaking the contract, where you would always count on compassion/human factor. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Forget your Greens

December 10th, 2014

potherbs.jpgSmall city spaces are notorious for being bare and cluttered but with a little imagination, one can turn it into a green paradise. Hanging plants in planters can spruce up a bare window or wall; you can also use rectangular pots. Most spices do well in pots and other containers such as old basins and lavatories; place them in an area near the kitchen so you get your favorite spices and herbs saving you a buck from the grocer. Window sill is a great space for plants for they get the necessary sun and air for good growth. Water herbs as needed which won’t be often, for most herbs hate water laden soil which kills their roots which are prone to rot. If you have no view, say a patio surrounded by walls of a unit in front of the view, you could ask your neighbor if they wouldn’t mind you using some of their greens and cutting back a few shrubs to allow their garden to complement yours.

New Stuff – Better Stuff

December 3rd, 2014

recycling.jpgWe’ve said it again and again, we know there are people who love vintage pieces that still work but these gizmos and gadgets don’t conform with current trends that have consumer goods consuming less electricity for the newer parts are more efficient and consume less electricity. Buying new gadgets might be costly at first but in the long run. The savings you get from your electricity bill can mount to quite a sum. If you have the money to burn, try to get the old and give them new life by having expert craftsmen upgrade them with purposely made parts that are for custom installations, like that old stove you can have re-fitted with more efficient burners that use less gas and makes the flame hotter it allows you to cook better and faster. Refrigerators are one of the most durable consumer goods on earth, look in antique catalogs and you’ll even find stuff from the old times that still work, they too can be re-fitted for a new life that also saves electricity. You get the same old look but it eats less juice.

Green Toilets – Saving Water Big Time

November 26th, 2014

greentoiletPeople who want to take part in the greening of the city can do more than just having plants all over the place to ease the impact of those harsh cinder block walls. Green toilets that have wash basins on top as cover saves you a lot in terms of flushing power for the water you wash with is the same water you use to flush your toilets. Water saving toilets are also around that are more efficient than older models yet can flush even the heaviest dinners easy with more powerful jets that use half the volume of water.
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