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Small City Spaces

The Nuances of Rental Contracts

December 17th, 2014

Rental contracts if you should pay special attention to their provisions are more or less always on the side of the property owner. This being the case, a thorough reading of such a rental agreement that is considered to be a contract/legal document that is not only bonding but honored by the law is in order to avoid problems in the future should you feel the need to break the contract. There is the easier first step of trying to negotiate with the landlord or property owner regarding breaking the contract, where you would always count on compassion/human factor. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Forget your Greens

December 10th, 2014

potherbs.jpgSmall city spaces are notorious for being bare and cluttered but with a little imagination, one can turn it into a green paradise. Hanging plants in planters can spruce up a bare window or wall; you can also use rectangular pots. Most spices do well in pots and other containers such as old basins and lavatories; place them in an area near the kitchen so you get your favorite spices and herbs saving you a buck from the grocer. Window sill is a great space for plants for they get the necessary sun and air for good growth. Water herbs as needed which won’t be often, for most herbs hate water laden soil which kills their roots which are prone to rot. If you have no view, say a patio surrounded by walls of a unit in front of the view, you could ask your neighbor if they wouldn’t mind you using some of their greens and cutting back a few shrubs to allow their garden to complement yours.

New Stuff – Better Stuff

December 3rd, 2014

recycling.jpgWe’ve said it again and again, we know there are people who love vintage pieces that still work but these gizmos and gadgets don’t conform with current trends that have consumer goods consuming less electricity for the newer parts are more efficient and consume less electricity. Buying new gadgets might be costly at first but in the long run. The savings you get from your electricity bill can mount to quite a sum. If you have the money to burn, try to get the old and give them new life by having expert craftsmen upgrade them with purposely made parts that are for custom installations, like that old stove you can have re-fitted with more efficient burners that use less gas and makes the flame hotter it allows you to cook better and faster. Refrigerators are one of the most durable consumer goods on earth, look in antique catalogs and you’ll even find stuff from the old times that still work, they too can be re-fitted for a new life that also saves electricity. You get the same old look but it eats less juice.

Green Toilets – Saving Water Big Time

November 26th, 2014

greentoiletPeople who want to take part in the greening of the city can do more than just having plants all over the place to ease the impact of those harsh cinder block walls. Green toilets that have wash basins on top as cover saves you a lot in terms of flushing power for the water you wash with is the same water you use to flush your toilets. Water saving toilets are also around that are more efficient than older models yet can flush even the heaviest dinners easy with more powerful jets that use half the volume of water.
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High Platform Beds

November 19th, 2014

2.jpg Bed designers are now switching from conventional beds to high platform beds. Instead of using box springs that are bulky, they now design beds that are durable and are sleeker than the beds that we know back then.
Platform beds are functional and can serve as a bed frame and a dresser at the same time. It can save you money by spending less on furnitures and will also save you space. Platform beds usually offer drawers where you can store your things. They are perfect for house owners that want to obtain a simple look and at the same time, will conserve space.

Energy Saving Tips for Small Homes

November 12th, 2014

A growing number of people are giving up their large homes in favor of a smaller abode. This may be seen as a cost cutting measure but it is also a practical move particularly if only two people are occupying the house.

Living in a small home has many benefits. For one thing, the spaces you’re going to clean every day are minimal. Secondly, it won’t make the occupants feel so alone and lonely unlike when two people are residing in a huge house. Thirdly and perhaps the major advantage is you can save on your electricity bills moving onwards.

Areas where homeowners can enjoy energy savings are in the use of lighting fixtures, heating systems and other electrical appliances.

In terms of lighting, the trick is in positioning them properly such that they provide sufficient light and make the room look bigger. In the kitchen, for instance, positioning the light at the top of the cabinet facing the ceiling is recommended instead of putting it below which is what many normally do.

For the
laundry room
, using an Energy Star-qualified washer and one with a front loading system is a good move. Front loading washers utilize about 18 to 25 gallons of water only per load compared to the 40 gallons used by a standard washing machine. Also, an Energy Star-qualified washer uses less energy.

Occupants of small homes can take advantage of natural light as well in heating their home particularly during cold weather. All you need is to open your drapes to let the light in during the day and close them in the evening to keep the warmth. By using this strategy, you won’t need to use your heating system longer at night to give you the warmth that you and your family require.

On hot days, having a smaller abode is indeed an advantage as cooling the rooms will take a shorter time. When the appropriate temperature is achieved, you can then simply lower your thermostat and you won’t have to use your air conditioning system longer as well.

An important thing to remember is to ensure that doorways and windows are properly sealed so there’s no chance for warm or cold air to escape from your home.

In the kitchen, make sure to use the right size of pan for the food and hob. Always use lids to keep in the heat and for faster cooking. Most importantly, cook just enough food and boil just enough water that you can consume.

About the guest author:

Meg is a writer and green advocate who contributes blog posts focusing on the use of renewable energy sources on behalf of

Landscaping your Small Space

November 5th, 2014

urbangardWe’ve emphasized it again and again, green is in. Not just with respect to the building and materials used but with respect to gardens that can be grown anywhere. From pots and pans to purpose built planting boxes from garden supplies, they allow city slickers to bring in the green.
Plants have a good influence on your overall health due to their ability to produce oxygen. They also have the ability to filter the air within such confined spaces making it healthier and green is pleasing to the eye soothing those tired souls from a long day’s work. Gardening is also proven to be a stress-buster for it takes your mind away from your regular stress loads allowing you to enjoy and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Space Saving Walls

October 29th, 2014

7.jpgWalls are often ignored by home owners. They haven’t realized how much they can utilize them. You can be amazed by how much space you can save by maximizing the spaces that your walls can offer.
Installing shelves will give you more places to put your books and other ornaments. They are really not that expensive. You can use them as a place for photographs, or anything else that you can’t part with. They are a great storage space for things that you don’t really need but you want to see.
Having places for your things will make your home look tidy and make it easier for you to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Living in Small Places

October 22nd, 2014

4.jpg Living in a small place is easier when it comes to cleaning than living in a large house. But one problem in living in a small place is designing and cramping all your things and furnitures inside.
Having open shelves installed in your walls can be space saving but will be an eye sore in seeing all those stuff in the open. However, you can attach curtains and close them to avoid seeing all those clutter. Aside from keeping you from seeing the mess, the curtains also serve as protection of the shelves from dust since open-shelves can easily accumulate dusts.

Maximizing Your Small Space

October 15th, 2014

5.jpg Spaces above the head are usually neglected. These spaces can be used for storage, thus doubling your bedroom space. They are ideal place to store your things like VCR and books and will avoid clutter in the room. Using these vertical spaces will make it easier for you to clean the floor and does not take up much floor space because of storage units.
The walls are usually underutilized and ignored. To maximize these spaces, designers advise to mount and install hooks, shelves, cabinets and storage units on the walls. Mounting up lights will also save you space because you don’t need to place lamps in floor spaces.

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