Small City Spaces :: Your Guide in Making Small City Spaces Your Own

Small City Spaces

Floors – Tiles

September 4th, 2015

slippery.jpgTiles are some of the most durable stuff around the house due to their makeup which makes them as hard as concrete. It will last years and can withstand any weather Mother Nature can throw at it. The down side is that, its durability is also quite harsh with shattered glass plates and glasses assured if one happens to slip your grip. They can also be hazardous when wet and children are quite injury prone on them due to, again their durability. The difficulty at which it was installed and also when re0moving them discourages people from reviving a dead space with a floor they hate just sighing out their frustration everytime they see the floor.

Nature’s Wonders

August 28th, 2015

windows.jpgIf you live near a wooded area or your house has a killer view, then why not consider having large windows that allows the light from the sun to flow through the house. It also allows you to view your surroundings if you happen to be a nature lover. Want sunlight but also need privacy, as with skylights there are models of these windows where tracks are left for the installation of mechanized or manual sun shades. You can even get them tinted so they reflect the heat but allow some of the light to pass through minus the UV rays of the sun. Also, Choose high windows if you live in the woods so when you open them more fresh air can get in. Group several small windows into one large cluster to give an unimpeded view of your house and you get free light all day long.

Small spaces in cities

August 21st, 2015

Living in the city has many unique challenges and among these is the premium put on space. City living means living in more cramped spaces not just in public but also in the domestic front. Most apartments and houses located within the city are generally smaller. With space such a premium in the city, what one needs is some creative thinking to maximize the available small space and make it as functional as possible. Interior designers and contractors can help make small spaces in apartments more livable and functional.


August 14th, 2015

bathsink.jpgBathrooms don’t have to be a minimalist with many luxurious fixtures out on the market that use good materials such as brass and copper. Many of the previously lavish elements of a bath such as marble countertops and sinks can be customized to any size. When trying to lay out your fixtures use masking tape to lay them out using dimensions you took form the store to see if it hampers the door. Try to configure the shower from a corner so you maximize the space. Use large lipped sinks which can be used to store stuff. As with any space, use mirrors and skylights to allow light to play around and give it a larger look. There are also a wide variety of modular units which can be combined in any configurations that may suit the size and your taste.

Investing Through Numbers

August 7th, 2015

Investing in property is always something that needs some planning and is not a decision to be taken lightly. Whether this is a big investment or a modest one, spending wisely is always a result of good research and planning. When you are planning to buy property, there are a few guidelines to look at before starting the process.

Take a look at numbers before making any plan. Do your research and get the prices of properties and the tax rates of the area you are looking at as well as surrounding areas. Get the statistics of your desired districts schools. Now, if prices are too high, you know to look elsewhere. If you are undecided between areas, tax differences could be a deciding point. And any area where schools are rising in positive ratings is a good place to look at. These are great starting points for making any property investment plan.

Floors – Re-tiling and other floor finishes

July 31st, 2015

tiles.jpgNew technology has allowed new tiles or other materials to be affixed to tiles without the need for removing the old ones, and if you don’t mind a couple of centimeters lost space, placing tiles on top is a good alternative to having to tear out the whole floor. Slippery floors can also be made safe with surface modifiers that modify the characteristics of tiles making them darned tacky rather than slippery even when wet. This would be a good idea on pathways that are exposed to the weather and on porches and kitchen floors where oil and liquid spills can be disastrous causing injury.

Your Guide in Making Small Places Your Own

July 23rd, 2015

Looking for a great place to live is one of the top priorities of any person. This becomes truer and more specific if looking for a place to live involves purchasing property. There are a lot of things to consider if this is the case.

Owning your own house is a big step.  It requires not only financial capability on the onset but also commitment and responsibility in the years to come.  You don’t only consider the amount you need to close a deal but also the mortgage and maintenance costs, costs of utilities, insurance, tax, and daily living.

If you have all that under control and planned out, decide then if you want a house or a condominium.  Both properties offer advantages and disadvantages depending on your lifestyle and preferences, so it is good to list down what you are looking for so you can easily narrow down your choices.

Small Spaces

July 16th, 2015

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City spaces are typically small, that is why it takes a lot of creativeness and artistry to try and decorate the place despite its limitations. Loft spaces are the choice accommodation in recent years. It is primarily geared toward the young professionals who are usually just beginning their careers. These small city spaces are generally divided into the living area and sleeping area. If your loft is split-level, the upper level is normally made into a bedroom. The small living space is partitioned into the cooking, dining and entertaining areas. But if your loft just has one level, screen sliding doors are your best bet.

Bare Kitchen Essentials

July 9th, 2015

stove.jpgIf often take out of eat out, don’t get a range with an oven you won’t have a use for. Choose small countertop units which can be placed on a counter-top with the shelves underneath free for storage of other stuff. Doors are often left with some space behind them where a lot of stuff can be stored wisely with the use of door organizers that have several pockets for placing books and other small stuff that would otherwise eat up precious space. Install wheels under heavy stuff such as beds and heavy tables to allow you easy moving around to get at those hard to reach areas. Fold-up tables that you can stow away if not needed are good for the space underneath can be used for other purposes. Get furniture that you can roll under each other to free up space if you need them. Say a side table that fits easily under the center table or a folding table you can store under the sofa.

Water Gardens

July 2nd, 2015

container.jpgSmall city spaces can gain benefit from container based water gardens that have plants and other wildlife that are usually associated with bigger habitats. Container based-gardens can be found at home and garden centers which also sell accessories such as small waterfalls, fountains and even illumination appliances that can make it more attractive and functional. Patio�s that have at least 5 hours of sunlight are the ideal places but anywhere the sun touches would be nice. Shade in the hot afternoons is also needed for as we suffer from sunburn, so do plants. Be sure to locate your water garden within easy reach of a water source to lessen the effort of topping it up during hot days where evaporation tends take toll. Maintain the water quality with regular cleaning, making sure the water is free from pests such as insects and other nasty bugs. Water treatment solutions can be found in pet stores to lessen if not halt algae growth which becomes unsightly in such a small space.

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